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Steingrau Schlamm Mocca Aubergine Dunkelgrau Petrol

KnallGrau – the name is the concept.

In German, ‘Knall’ means bang as in a detonation. Employed in a compound word
with a color it means bright, denoting a particularly brilliant hue. Its use in a compound
with gray is unorthodox, but it certainly captures the spirit of our agency’s conceptual

A tenet of KnallGrau’s design philosophy is to give form to rooms using deliberate
contrasts and ostensible contradictions, juxtaposing vintage and avant-garde furniture
and contrasting colors to conjure a sense of tension and resolution.

KnallGrau stands for more than merely furniture and accessories. In the greater Frankfurt
region, the name is a synonym for striking interiors that grace both private and public
spaces. With sensitivity and skill, KnallGrau sets the scene for people to live, play and
work according their needs and wishes, without having to brook any compromises.

Color has a profound effect on our impressions of a room and the objects it contains.
Try it out: Click one of the colored cubes on the right below the picture and see how your
perception of the design concept changes.